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At Body Harmonics, we bring our successful Pilates & Movement Studios to you. Guided by our founder, Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., we help you feel strong and confident in your body—wherever you are and whatever stage of life you're at. More than just another "feel the burn" exercise system, every program we produce is geared towards helping you move the way nature intended—with strength and ease. When you move well, you feel well. And, naturally, you look GREAT—all over! We look forward to welcoming you to the Body Harmonics family and helping you move, feel and look better than ever.

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"Body Harmonics is challenging and effective for EVERY body. I love the smart and
progressive approach to Pilates—
it’s transformed the way I move in my life!"




Stream Pilates at home from your computer, TV, smart phone or tablet

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