Margot McKinnon

Margot McKinnon

Margot McKinnon, Founder, Body Harmonics

M.Ed., PMA Certified

I’ve worked in the health and fitness field for more than two decades, and my interest in the miracle of human movement just keeps growing! I love seeing people re-discover their inherent strength, grace and agility. For me, being fit and healthy goes far beyond looking great. It’s about being able to move through life with as great a sense of ease and wellbeing as possible—for as long as possible.

At Body Harmonics, the company I founded in 1998, we meet you “where you’re at”—whether you’re dealing with challenges or training for a marathon—so you can realize ALL the benefits that come from learning to move well. Our progressive, science-based Pilates & Movement method is designed to help you transform your body, and your life, for the better—from the inside out.

So, whether you attend one of our Studios, Clinics or Teacher Training Centres, or you join our online video-on-demand community, my team and I look forward to sharing the miracle of Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement with you and to hearing about your experience.

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