About Body Harmonics On Demand — Pilates & Movement at home

Move beyond "no pain, no gain" with Body Harmonics On Demand — Pilates & Movement at home videos!

At Body Harmonics On Demand — Pilates & Movement at home, we bring our successful Pilates & Movement Studios and Teacher Training Centres to you. Guided by our founder, Margot McKinnon, M.Ed.—master Pilates teacher and movement educator—we help you feel strong, agile and confident in your body. Wherever you are and whatever stage of life you're at.

Get toned, strong and energized by moving well

More than just another "feel the burn" exercise system, every scientifically-based Pilates video and eBook we produce is geared towards helping you move the way nature intended—with optimal posture, strength and ease. When you move well, you feel well. And, naturally, you look GREAT.

Exercise and movement shouldn't hurt

The reality is that the old notion of “no pain, no gain” is misguided. Developing a body that moves optimally—with grace and ease—doesn’t require big, complicated and overly strenuous exercises. And it shouldn't hurt. We do this by going beyond Pilates through movement re-education—helping you pay closer attention to the way your joints and skeleton were meant to move, naturally. All this to say that Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement may seem simple on the surface, but it’s been proven to reset and realign the body to perform optimally so you can build functional strength and agility—all while reducing stress and pain and feeling energized.

Welcome to the Body Harmonics family

Whether you’re a millennial or baby boomer, super fit or just getting started, we look forward to welcoming you to Body Harmonics On Demand and to helping you move, feel and look better than ever—wherever you are, whenever you want. And, if you’re a Pilates instructor, we hope you find lots of great movement tips and Pilates class ideas here to keep your clients moving well for a lifetime. Please contact us with input and ideas anytime.

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