Body Harmonics On Demand FAQ


Why can't I login?

  • Go to (this website)
  • Choose Sign In in upper right
  • Enter your email and password
  • If it doesn’t work please reset your password (this fixes most problems)

How do I cancel my subscription?

  • Go to Login and sign in with your username and password
  • If you forget your password there is a Forgot My Password link (choose this and you will receive a reset link via email)
  • Choose Dashboard in the menu
  • Select Billing the tab on the right
  • Select the button Change Plan (located below Active Plan)
  • Your plan will be highlighted and then there is a button that lets you Cancel Membership
  • You will be prompted “Are you sure?” Select “Ok” and the process is done

If I cancel my subscription (membership) does it automatically expire?

  • Your membership will stay in place until the end of your billing cycle
  • An annual membership will expire 365 days after date of purchase/activation
  • A monthly membership will expire on the calendar date of the day you purchased
  • Example: If you purchase a monthly membership on November 15 and cancel on November 30, your account  remains active and available for use until December 15

Why can’t I view videos anymore?

  • Your account may have expired
  • Login with your username and password
  • Select Dashboard from the top menu
  • Review your account information
  • Be sure that your credit card information is accurate/valid
  • If you were on a trial, double check that it has not expired. If so you may need to purchase a subscription to continue viewing videos
  • There can be technical issues that can also cause you to stop viewing videos
    • You may be experiencing issues with your internet speed which may be a result of a poor internet connection from your Internet Service Provider you can test your internet speed using 
    • You may have technical issues with your web browser if so try an alternative (for example if you are unable to play on Chrome web browser please try Safari web browser) 
    • Please try viewing the videos though our apps if you are still unable to view videos using your computer (iOS/Android) and Apple TV 

Why doesn’t my credit card work?

  • If Stripe (our online merchant account) rejects a credit card advise please call your bank/credit card company to verify that your card has not been compromised or that you have not reached your limit
  • Unfortunately, if a card is not accepted by our Stripe merchant account (for credit card processing) the best solution is to use an alternative card or call your bank/credit card company to look into the issue

Why do you charge in US dollars?

  • The streaming video system upon which our On Demand platform is built currently restricts us to processing payments in US dollars (converted to each customer's local currency by their credit card company). This is because US currency is the most widely accepted internationally and because the technology is still in its infancy. We have asked our technology provider to allow for Canadian and other currency options and were advised that this may be possible with a future version of their system. Video streaming platforms for small, independent producers like Body Harmonics are limited so, at least for the time-being, we are required to charge in US dollars.

How do I join BH on Demand?

  • Go to
  • Select Join from the top menu
  • Choose Annual or Monthly subscription
  • Enter your Email, Name and Password
  • Agree to the Terms (checkbox)
  • Fill out Billing Details 

How do I enter a coupon code?

  • Go to
  • Select Join from the top menu
  • Choose Annual or Monthly
  • Enter your Email, Name and Password
  • Agree to the Terms (checkbox)
  • Fill out the Billing Details
  • On the right side you will see “Discount Code”
  • Enter code and select (apply)
  • Codes are not case sensitive
  • In some cases credit cards are required


How can I download movies to watch offline?

  • On iPad, iPhone:
  • Download the Body Harmonics App in the Apple App Store; login and you can download to your device if you have an active BH On Demand account
  • On android phones and tablets:
  • Download the Body Harmonics App in Google Play; login and you can download to your device if you have an active BH On Demand account
  • As with most streaming video platforms (e.g. Netflix), it is not possible to download BH On Demand videos directly to a computer

How do I purchase and download eBooks?

  • Go to and select eBooks from the top menu
  • Select the PDF publication you would like to purchase and click on either Login (if you have an account) or Get Access Now
  • Follow the prompts
  • Once you have purchased an eBook you can download the book at any time by signing in to your account (if logged out)
  • Select the eBook you purchased
  • Look for the Resources tab and select download
  • This will open the eBook in your web browser as a new tab/window
  • Save the file to your computer or mobile device
  • NOTE: as there are too many variables for PDFs being viewed on smart devices please search online for the solution, app or PDF reader that works best for you

What platforms/technology can I view on currently?

  • PC/MAC via any web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • Apple TV (search Body Harmonics in App Store; download and login)
  • iPhone (search Body Harmonics in App Store; download and login)
  • iPad (search Body Harmonics in App Store; download and login)
  • Android Phones/Tablets (search Body Harmonics in Google Play; download and login)
  • If you are interested in accessing our videos on another device (Roku, Amazon Fire TV and others) please email us at as it is an option if there is demand

Why does you app require a login to use?

  • Only registered users with subscriptions or paid eBooks can access the apps
  • The app does not offer anything for non-paying customers

How do I view a video?

  • Login to (this website) or use the BH On Demand app that you have downloaded to your device (iOS/Android)
  • Select your video
  • Play the video in your browser
  • Why is the sound not working?
  • Please adjust the volume settings/controls on your computer or device (all of our videos have been tested and the audio works)

Why is the video choppy or doesn’t it play?    

  • This is likely the result of your local Internet connection not working properly
  • Please contact your Internet provider to see if there is any issues with the line
  • Perhaps the wifi in your house is not as strong in some rooms as others
  • You can go to to check the speed of your Internet (you can run in different rooms to see which room is better)
  • If you are not getting above 20mbps please contact your Internet service provider and ask them to increase your speed to all you to stream videos