Help your team or community move well forever

It’s now easier than ever to provide your team, group or seniors residents with access to smart, functional video workouts that keep them moving, feeling and doing their best. Wherever they are, whenever they want. 

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Body Harmonics Pilates and Movement is for EVERY body!

Body Harmonics goes beyond Pilates and really is for everybody. With clients ranging from top athletes to mothers to older adults, students, working professionals and everyone in between. Some come for general fitness, others come for rehabilitation and some come to spend time with friends.

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Access smart, functional workouts to keep your group moving well, feeling great and doing their best

Experience premium content designed specifically for you, where there is something for every body, every mood, and every type.

Our Body Harmonics On Demand Community

What a wonderful way to relieve tension and soreness. My hands, arms, shoulders and neck feel so much better.

<p><span style="color: #77787bff;">Beatrice</span></p>, <p><span style="color: #77787bff;"><span class="text-sm">BHonDemand Subscriber</span></span></p>


BHonDemand Subscriber

I needed that! Great video left me feeling both strong and relaxed - in only 25 minutes!

<p><span style="color: #77787bff;">Alexandrina</span></p>, <p><span style="color: #77787bff;"><span class="text-sm">BHonDemand Subscriber</span></span></p>


BHonDemand Subscriber

Wow. I love doing this workout. It makes me feel confident, strong and energized. Plus, it's so stress-relieving.

<p><span style="color: #77787bff;"><span class="text-lg">Becky</span></span></p>, <p><span style="color: #77787bff;"><span class="text-sm">BHonDemand Subscriber</span></span></p>


BHonDemand Subscriber